What Clients Have to Say

Hi Lori,St Lucia

I wanted to thank you for planning such wonderful vacations for our family and for giving us memories that will now have to last us a lifetime. Who could have predicted that when I first contacted you to plan a vacation for Don and I, that in just 3 short years our lives would change so much.

First...St. Lucia...even though our vacation was cut extremely short by the beginning of Don's illness...you gave us a taste of paradise. The planning could not have been more perfect and I thank God that we at least got to take some pictures of Anse before we left the next day.

Second...Turks and Caicos...the little girls still ask if we can go back there. I think somehow I knew when I planned that trip that it could be our last and that is why I was so determined to do it. Even though it came right on the heels of Keith and Mary's wedding, it was the best vacation ever. And, thank heaven we all took pictures. We had a blast and said afterward that we would do it again...who knew!!!!!

Finally, St. Thomas...you gave us our slice of heaven. Your suggestion that we do the Ritz was so spot on and the cabana was more than we could have ever imagined. Sitting there every day with our own private place on the beach...our own beach boys to bring drinks....heaven at our finger tips. Again, we said afterward that we would go back again.

Also, thank you for Keith and Mary's amazing honeymoon...they still say what a blast they had.

Don and I talked about getting remarried for our 40th....something that obviously will not happen now. When we talked about it earlier this year, your name was the first to come up to help us plan an island getaway for us surrounded by our family.

Thank you again for giving me all of these wonderful memories.




Dear LoriSantorini

Thank you for putting together the most incredible vacation Melissa and I have ever taken.  There are truly no words for how amazing the Greek Islands were -- the sheer natural beauty, tranquility and European lifestyle definitely engulfed us during our stay.  The plan to go to Mykonos first then Santorini was perfect as we got to see all the islands had to offer, from exciting nightlife into the wee hours to truly peaceful locations where relaxation was the main purpose.  Both hotels were fantastic -- the Cavo Tagoo had such a welcoming staff and the Canaves Oia's setting on the cliff-side was utterly surreal.  It was a trip we'll never forget, and thankfully we took a ton of pictures - even if the pictures don't quite do the setting justice.

This was definitely the most special experience Melissa and I have had together, short of our actual wedding day.  I can't thank you enough for all your efforts while we were planning (or lack of planning!) and stressed you out... the fact that it all culminated in this amazing vacation is a direct testament to your professionalism and drive to go the extra mile -- you truly made our honeymoon happen!

Andrew & Melissa            Greek Islands  August, 2012

Lori,Las Vegas Sign

I just wanted to thank you for handling our trip reservations. It was amazing !!!
I would highly recommend you again to all my friends!!

The hotel was amazing and the helicopter tour was without a doubt a memory of a lifetime.

Thanks again,

Lisa Z                       Las Vegas, November 2012

Bora BoraLori at Power Trips Travel is thorough, considerate, patient, and exceptional with details. She helped us plan a trip to exotic Bora Bora while still staying within our proposed budget. Every part of our trip was well-planned, and there was no guessing. There was someone to guide us at each destination, ready to use my married name! We benefited from upgrades at our destinations which took our breath away. My husband and I highly recommend using Power Trips Travel, and working with Lori is a must!

Elizabeth                         Bora Bora   May 2012